Captains Flowers

Captain Watering Flowers that Cpl Leon chopped down

Convoy - Army Troops near Birmingham FSB

Convoy to Quang Tri and Birmingham - held up for bridge work

Convoy - Where the hell are we, Lt Hullinger ?

Convoy - M-60 Machine Gun, blooper below

Carrying her eggs in two baskets

Wood Gatherers

Convoy to Birmingham & Quang Tri - Fish Nets

Convoy to Quang Tri & Hue

Hill 244 - I saw a large band of monkees walking along the trail. One big one leading, another big one whacking all the slow monkees to make them keep up. Looked just like a Marine Patrol

Fish Trap

Lovely views out the open helicopter windows

Going up the coast of the South China Sea north of Danang

Generators on Top of Hill 327 - Our office to the left, ASRT to the right

Girls looked cute

Lovely lady

Nice view of Hill 244, I think

Watch Tower and TSC-15 Van - Troop fell asleep in tower, Sgt threw him out, he woke up on the way down, broke his arm and ruined his whole evening.

CH-53 & Generator - MASS-3 patch on wind wall to keep down helo rotor wash - We ate lots of sand every time they came in, which was often

Love those Hueys

Lovely hootches, something burning

Kids liked us - We liked them

Kids all liked us

Lieutenants and Tech Rep

Wire Shack - Their sign said they would lay anythingProbably True

Craig Hullinger

Lt John Kopp

Miss Black America Show 1970

Down to my last dime

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home

Off Limits - Mine Field

Officers Country

PC - Our Ride

Radio Relay

Outhouse - Great privacy

Rice paddies

I saw a large band of monkeys moving up this firebreak trail

Sampan Village

Gathering driftwood

Nice Sunsets

Marble Mountain

Craig Hullinger

Gunny Carlson - Radar Tech

SSgt Radosevitch Comm Elec Maintenance

SSgt Straub

Tank Broken down

Tech Rep

My Hootch, my hootch, Not happy

Hootch fall down go boom

From top of hill overlooking lower hill, Danang, and South China Sea

Beautiful Vies from Hill