More Photos of the Nam

Sgt Armstrong Semper Fi

MASS-3 Danang, Vietnam

Hill 327 Vietnam

Marine Air Support Squadron 3 Vietnam

Water Buffalo & motorbike on the Road

Terrible thing happenend to my hootch

A Bridge to Skinny

Traffic Jam

Rice Patties were very serene

China Beach near Danang

Boats and Harbors were lovely

Terrible thing happenend to my hootch

Boats and Harbors were lovely

Down to my last 50000 Dong Note - Currency of South Vietnam - Not worth a plug nickle

Captain - XO of 1st MarDiv Comm company

Captain Fishero

Beautiful Bodacious Buffalo

Getting Ready to go Home June 1971

Hue - I think

Mai - Maid at Red Beach

Red Beach on the Radio

FLC Red Beach Comm Support Company

Mass- Transit

Lunch on the Radio

Suspected VC

Getting ready to pull out - 7th Com Company Red Beach 1971

Time to Go Home, Get Out 1971

Line up the Vehicles - Take them to the Ship

Whoops - Typhoon Wrecked our Hill We gave up after this

Lady I met in Bombay India

View from Hai Van Pass, I think

Danang Air Strip - Hangars Still There in 1999

Hue - French Building

French Building

Suburban Sprawl